Details Of Twitter Hack Disclosed

It seems that Twitter fell prey to possibly the oldest hacking trick, a brute force based dictionary attack that was used to gain access to an administrator account of the site.

Incidentally members of the online forum Digital Gangster are reportedly behind the hacking of Twitter which started with a hacker named GMZ gaining access to Twitter login account and then inviting other forum members to share details of individual accounts.

A prime reason why hackers were able to easily hack into Twitter owed to the fact that site did not seem to block multiple password attempts from the same IP address.

It is interesting to note that hackers were able to get access into high profile accounts including those of Barack Obama and Britney Spears and Rick Sanchez of CNN.

Experts like Graham Cluley from the security firm Sophos believe that anyone with such access to administrator account can cause immense amount of damage.

He went to add “Imagine if instead, in the case of Britney Spears account for example, that the hacker had posted a link that said: 'Here's my new video. Click on this link.' Imagine how many people would have clicked on that and it could have pointed to malware?”

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Our Comments

While Twitter is still a relatively new web service, the fact that it has been adopted by some of the most influential people on the web means that it is a high profile target for cyber criminals. What's more worrying though is that Twitter will need to sort out its security issues before any substantial user backlash. Its situation is precarious and Twitter still breaks up from time to time. Should Facebook (or any other major web outfit) come up with a similar service, this could be a game changer.

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