Nokia Announces Release Date For 5800 XpressMusic Smartphone

Nokia has announced that its striking touchscreen smartphone, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, is all set to cruise into the UK market on 23rd January. Popularly referred to as “Tube”, the handset goes on sale from 10am at the Heathrow Terminal 5 shop and Nokia Stores at Regent Street in London.

However, the handset can also be purchased from Nokia’s online stores where the phone will be available to online shoppers in February.

The price tag of this stylish handset will be £249, including a rather peculiar Nokia plectrum, when purchased SIM-free and even though the price tag is slightly on the higher side, Nokia believes that this handset will able to sway phone fashionistas.

However one must note that the pricing of the device doesn’t include Nokia’s signature ‘Comes with Music’ yearly subscription, as it might have been expected.

In addition, by the end of this month, Nokia 5800 can also be purchased from Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile, Phones 4U, and Orange stores.

Fully aligning to its tagline, XpressMusic, the handset has high-quality built-in surround sound speakers, and a 3.5mm jack for supporting headphones to enable its users enjoy their favourite music tracks.

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Our Comments

Nokia's game changing phone will challenge both the iPhone and the iPod. The unlimited "comes with music" package though will come at a price. But even at £349 (including a £100 year subscription), it is a bargain that can repay itself quickly if you are an avid music fan. One can expect all mobile networks to offer great contracts around the £30 mark.

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