Samsung Launches Luxia LED-based Green LCD TV

Samsung Electronics on Wednesday presented an all new range of ultra-slim, energy-efficient high-definition televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Codenamed “Samsung Luxia”, the new range is said to be extremely energy-efficient, as it sports LED as the chief light source, instead of the conventional Cold Cathode Fluoroscent Lamps (CCFLs).

The company unveiled three distinct models of Luxia range, namely 6000, 7000, and 8000 series, with all these models having Samsung’s exclusive ‘Touch of Colour’ image display, which offers high-contrast ratios, ultra clear image details, and a wide range of colours.

The LNXXB8000 series of the range integrates advanced ‘Auto Motion Plus’ 240Hz frame processing feature that can deliver speedier 240 Hz refresh-rate, which is said to be four times faster than that of LCD TVs available in the market currently.

In addition, the 8000 model is expected to hit the market in first half of this year in 55-inch and 46-inch versions.

On the other hand, the LNXX7000 model sports Auto Motion Plus 120Hz frame interpolation capability, along with 120HZ refresh rate, which is twice the capability of the erstwhile LCD TVs.

Moreover, the LNXXB6000 series includes a power indicator menu and consumes 40 percent less power than the other LCD TVs.

All these three HDTVs integrates Wi-Fi capability, with 7000 and 8000 models providing Samsung’s signature “Internet@TV - Content Service” that enables users to access content from YouTube, Flickr, and Yahoo right on their TV screens with a simple touch of button.

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Our Comments

With a super fast refresh rate, the Luxia range should have been a hit in a normal economic environment. However, with a full blown global recession, it is likely that people bypass expensive peripherals like a high end television and choose cheaper/lower end versions only. Samsung has neither announced a price, nor a release date.

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