Tetris Helps Patients Reduce Stress Disorder

A group of UK researchers have found that playing Tetris could prove to be beneficial in dealing with the consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder, or popularly referred to as “PTSD”.

Researchers claimed that playing the computer puzzle game soon after the trauma helped victims eliminate agonizing memories and minimize stress-inducing flashbacks.

The research was carried out on 40 healthy volunteers in psychiatry department at the Oxford University, and it was published on the website of Public Library of Science (PLoS), an open-source science research information platform.

The PLoS One journal notified that the volunteers in the experiment were exposed to distressing pictures, with some of them given the puzzle game to play after 30 minutes.

The experiment showed striking results, as the volunteers who played the game had smaller number of “flashbacks”, perhaps because the game helped upset the settling down of memories, the group of scientists claimed.

Dr. Emily Holmes, who led the research work, said in a statement, “This is only a first step in showing that this might be a viable approach to preventing post traumatic stress disorder”.

Though it is hoped that the research could be useful in dealing with the impact of trauma, the researchers asserted that translating the findings of the research into practical applications could be difficult.

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Our Comments

Playing games have a definite impact on patients health. Nintendo has a popular range of products to keep the more mature brain humming happily (Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training) and a whole range of console related sport games (Wii Sports and the Wii Fit). It is only a matter of time before the NHS actually provides with free gaming consoles in a bid to reduce obesity and improve the nation's health.

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