Windows 7 Beta Available For Download Legally From Friday

Microsoft's Chief Executive Office, Steve Ballmer, has announced that the beta version of the company's next flagship operating system, Windows 7, will be available as from tomorrow, Friday, for download (ed: although it is expected to expire at the end of July).

During his keynote speech at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ballmer said that Windows 7 would allow users to access their content from any device, navigate seamlessly across them and promised that setting up new home networks would only take three clicks.

Ballmer also showed the new Windows Live which he said is Microsoft's cloud solution for " communication, sharing and keeping your life in sync on the PC, mobile and on the web" and will unite more than 50 social networking tools, services and websites, like Twitter, Bebo, Myspace and more.

The build which will be offered tomorrow will almost certainly be the 7000 one which was demoed at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) late last year.

The new operating system apparently requires less resource to run and supports even low-powered Netbook devices, some of which have the specifications of an eight-year old Pentium 4 computer.

According to the spec sheet, the minimum recommended system requirements will be a 1GHz processor, 1GB memory, 16GB hard disk pace, 128MB of graphics memory and a DVD drive.

Update : 2.5 million downloads will be offered starting from today (Friday), at around 1900 UK Time. Windows 7 Blog is currently down due to the amount of traffic it is attracting. However, you can find use Google to read the Windows 7 post here. Microsoft's Official Windows 7 home page is also very slow as it is buckling under the very high level of traffic it receives. We would strongly advise you to try downloading Windows 7 ISO file tomorrow morning or on Sunday.

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Our Comments

Can't wait to download Windows 7 Beta and try it on an old computer with half the recommended hardware requirements. That will be fun. If it is half as good as most predict it will be, then Microsoft has a serious operating system contender to the crown of heir to Windows XP. It would be quite a feat if Windows 7 can run smoothly on a rig that was launched before Windows XP.

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