Skype VoIP Service To Come to iPhone & Touch Soon

Skype, a web-based communications service, announced on Thursday that an iteration of its internet-messaging and internet calling software will be available for Google’s Android powered handset as a free download.

In addition, this eBay subsidiary also indicated that the iPhone version of the software is also there on the cards.

Skype’s iPhone application is under development and engineers are pooling huge efforts in trimming down the amount of power the application requires, Skype’s chief operating officer, Scott Durschlag noted.

However, when Apple allowed other companies to develop applications for iPhone, it restricted VoIP application from connecting to mobile phone networks, thereby leaving them operational only in Wi-Fi hot spot.

Moreover, the PC version of Skype 4.0 application, which has been in its beta since months, is all set to be released in February, with the Mac OS version of the application is expected later this year, Durschlag added.

The update of the application incorporates a new codec that is equipped to handle audio and video more efficiently than its erstwhile version, and it will support 30fps for users having speedier connections.

Reacting on the soaring popularity of Skype application, Durschlag notified that around 370 million users have already registered for Skype, with almost 30 million users are being added every quarter.

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Our Comments

Skype for the iPhone will be released at the same time a cheaper contract for the iPhone is brought to market and could massively boost the number of users looking to benefit from the iPhone's appeal and the flexibility of Skype's VoIP service. It would be useful interesting to find out whether Skype for iPhone will be allowed on most phone networks. In UK, only Three networks encourage its use.

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