Sony Releases "Netbook Like" Vaio P Ultra Portable Laptop

In a bid to take on the growing market of ultra-portable PCs, Sony has rolled out what it purports to be the world’s lightest netbook in market that weighs just around 1.4 pounds.

Tagged as “Sony Vaio P Series PCs”, the ultra-slim netbook sports 8-inch 1600x768 display, and it will come powered by Windows Vista operating systems, with support to all software applications that are currently being supported by full-sized notebooks.

The size of the netbook is not bigger than a business envelope, and its thickness can be compared with that of a cellphone that makes the device easy to slip into a pocket of handbag.

The LED backlit screen of the netbook presents vivid colours, and its display is truly “ultrawide”, which doesn’t require users to indulge into side-to-side scrolling while Web pages, viewing spreadsheets, and other such content.

But, all this comes with a hefty price-tag, as the company is planning to launch the product for a whopping $900, and it is expected to hit the US market in February.

While netbooks in markets are available at a price as low as $300 to $400, it will be interesting to see the kind of impact this netbook-not-by-name would have on market.

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Our Comments

Sony's P-Series will almost certainly remain a niche gadget because of its price for better or worse. At £849 (estimated retail price), it is 5 times more expensive than entry level netbooks and won't provide more in terms of functionality. Granted Sony doesn't want to dilute the brand's value, but by sticking to classic product strategies in a recession, the Japanese CE giant could be in for a nasty surprise.

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