Yahoo Wants to Get The Internet In TVs ... Again

Internet giant Yahoo is joining forces with some of the big players in consumer electronics domain, including Samsung, Toshiba, and LG, to bring web-based content on TVs.

Along the same line, the company has unleashed ‘Yahoo Widget Engine’, which has been developed to show various internet options at the base of the display screen that can be accessed via standard remote control equipment.

Patrick Berry, vice president Yahoo’s Connected TV, asserted that such integration of internet and television will offer “cinematic internet” to consumers. “This will make TV into something bigger and more exciting than ever. It will allow developers to reach a whole new community”, he added.

Yahoo is developing the Widget Channel in collaboration with Intel, and the duo has already announced the Widget Development Kit, which is available to advertisers, developers, and content developers.

A large number of consumer electronics companies are using this year’s Consumers Electronics Show to display their offerings in internet-connected TVs, LG, for instance, announced a technology that will enable its viewers to internet videos from Netflix on their TVs.

Users would just need to install the widget from Yahoo’s website on Linux operating systems incorporated in their TV sets, without using any conventional PC input device, and eventually the widget would start displaying web-based content over the TV screen.

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Our Comments

Yahoo has been quite vocal about getting web content on television and its Widget channel is pivotal to the success of its endeavour. Its interesting to find out that Intel as well is closely involved in this venture. The semiconductor company also announced earlier this year that it would release chips compatible with Adobe's Flash technology.

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