Motorola Unveils Recycled W233 Mobile Phone

Struggling US phone manufacturer Motorola is readying an environmentally friendly mobile phone made out of recycled plastic bottles and will cost the same as a traditional model.

The Renew W233 is the first of the Renew series and is a simple candy-bar style phone that apparently consumes 20 percent less energy than a similar, traditional mobile phone.

It is a dual-band GSM model that comes with a microSD card slot, allows for up to 720 hours of talk time and comes with Motorola's own CrystalTalk noise reduction technology for clearer call audio.

The greenish, fluorescent color scheme and the tiny 1.6-inch colour display might not appeal to everyone. The lack of digital camera or internet browsing capabilities will confine it to the very low end of the market.

The move which will save millions of discarded PET bottles worldwide could be the first of many for Motorola should the company want to build on a more eco-friendly reputation.

Motorola, which announced the phone at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009, did not provide details on the W233's pricing or when it is expected to be shipped (although T-mobile is likely to sell it)

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Our Comments

The firm tackled the environmental issue with the W233 with a holistic approach, taking into consideration a number of things like the box used to carry the phone, the accessories, down to the way the device is distributed. It even comes with a postage page recycling envelope and it is totally carbon neutral.

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