£8.99 Dane Elec 8GB Nacre - High Speed 173x Read USB 2.0

This super compact and very portable USB 8GB Flash drive can be used as a removable drive on your computer or laptop and with “Hot Swapping” and “Plug and Play” provides fast and easy use.

Simply plug into your USB port and the computer will detect it as another drive. Use it to read and write data (copy or delete etc.) or use for many other applications including MP3 files or video files etc.

This 8GB (gigabyte) Key Drive is USB 2.0 compliant - also works on USB 1.1 PC's; Removeable Protective Top; Weighs in at around 10g; Length is Just 7cm.

Note, the loop at the rear of the key drive is not suitable for attaching to a key ring and can either damage the key ring or the key drive. You can buy it from 7dayshop.com for only £8.99 delivered.