Apple iPhone Goes Multi Core In 2009? Sony And Nintendo Better Watch Out

Rumours about iPhone firmware 3.0 that can support multi-core CPU have been circulating on the blogosphere, and a four-core iPhone CPU rumour is doing rounds in Mac World Expo 2009.

While the existing iPhone boasts of the processing power that can be matched to Sony’s PSP, an upgraded version of the device would knock out all the portable gaming platforms that are currently available in market.

Imagination Technologies have already announced its PowerVR SGX543 at CES, company’s first ever multi-core compatible GPU technology, and Apple is expected to have access to it very soon.

However, a fresh set of rumours also suggested that a new iteration of ARM Cortex A9 multi-core processor could be the more potential candidate for the new iPhone.

Though Apple hasn’t officially announced the launch of iPhone 3.0 firmware, several websites are quoting multi-core support for the iPhone that would spruce up the processing speeds for iPhone and its various applications, especially gaming.

Citing the iPhone’s remarkable capability in handling various games, such as Armageddon Squadron, and Brothers in Arms - Hour of Heroes, the news of 3.0 firmware update would surely be a cause of concern for both Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii.

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Our Comments

Apple planning to use the iPhone as a gaming console is a dead cert. Ultimately, the iPhone will become an all-encompassing device that could replace a gaming station, a laptop, a phone, a video and digital camera and much more. For more resource-hungry applications, the iPhone will certainly run virtual sessions using more powerful Apple Mini like devices.

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