EU Plans To Ban Sales Of Power Guzzling Plasma Screens

In order to address the challenging issues associated with climate change, European Union seems all set to ban energy-consuming large-sized plasma TVs soon, with the legislation for enforcing the ban is due to be granted by this spring, according to sources.

Plasma televisions are also popularly referred to as living room’s ‘4x4s’, as they generally consume four times as much electricity and accountable for almost four times as much carbon dioxide as produced by conventional cathode ray tube television sets.

According to EU ministers, “Minimum energy performance standards for televisions are expected to be agreed across Europe this spring, and this should lead to phasing out the most inefficient TVs”.

In addition, a mandatory labelling system will be developed, which will help in identifying best and worst devices in terms of energy consumption.

The new EU standards for optimum energy performance will pave the way for substituting most energy-intensive electronic devices with the energy-efficient ones, and the drive will be kicked off by the voluntary withdrawal of 100W incandescent light bulb.

Comparatively, a 42-inch plasma TV consumes a whopping 822 kilowatts of electric power in a year, as against 350 kilowatts by its 42-inch LCD counterpart, and 322 kilowatts by the traditional CRT tube television sets.

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Our Comments

First, the 100w incandescent lamps, now Plasma screens. All this would not have happened without a recession we think. Truth be said, Plasma consumption has decreased markedly and manufacturers like Panasonic are making great efforts to reduce the amount of energy consumed by their large screens.

Ironically, Plasma screens like the 60-inch Pioneer Kuro consume "only" 513W which translates into a 128w consumption for a theoretical 30-inch model. In comparison, the Samsung LE32R41BDX LCD TV, a 32-inch LCD, consumes a whopping 184w. Large plasma screens are therefore victims of their own success.

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