Google Previews Chrome 2.0 Browser For Devs, Prepares For Linux, Mac Versions

Getting a step closer to extend its support for Mac and Linux operating systems, Google has unveiled a pre-beta version of its Chrome 2.0 web browser.

Officially codenamed as “”, Google released the alpha version of the browser to its Chrome Dev Channel, offering developers a chance to check out some of the new additions to its feature-set.

The newly released alpha comes integrated with a new iteration of Webkit, along with ‘autocomplete form’ feature, which remains absent in its Chrome 1.0 browser.

One of the most striking features of the new alpha is its ‘Profiles’ feature, which enables users to classify Chrome’s settings, such as history, bookmark, and cookies, into various categories as per type of usage.

For instance, users can create both personal and work profiles, with different homepages, bookmarks, history, along with separate desktop shortcuts for them.

The alpha for Chrome 2.0 also offers its users the flexibility to use ‘Spell Check’ feature with a click of the mouse, along with more language support.

With this pre-beta release of the browser, Google now has its own execution of HTTP network protocol, instead of using WinHTTP library on Windows, forming a common code that can be used for creating Linux and Mac versions of the browser.

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Our Comments

The Alpha version of Google's browser is obviously not for everyday use; we've decided to use it on our main desktop and although there are a few rough edges, overall, it has been a very interesting experience. Version 2.0 appears to be slightly quicker but the lack of plugin support (or even toolbar support) makes it a niche player for now.

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