Schoolgirls Get In Trouble For Facebook Slurring

A number of girl students have been suspended from Grey Coat Hospital School, a Church of England secondary in London, after posting defamatory remarks on a teacher on a social networking platform Facebook.

Students from the school joined the webpage, which they referred to as ‘The Hate Society’, and some 29 girls aged between 11 and 18 were suspended for two to 15 days, with most of them will be back by Tuesday.

Upholding such a strict stance, Rachel Allard, the Head Teacher of the school said that the decision was taken “to send a strong message to those responsible that we do not tolerate such behaviour”.

“The vast majority of parents who have been to see me about this incident are supportive of the school and understand why we have taken firm disciplinary action”, she added.

The derogatory comments posted by the girls are believed to have highlighted when a student printed off the webpage and circulated it across the school.

However, Westminster Council have supported the school’s decision to suspend the offender students, and provided useful advice and support to the school during the period.

Cyberbullying of teachers is a worrisome issue these days, with students attacking teachers on various websites, posting humiliating comments and videos over the web.

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Our Comments

Facebook (and many other social networking websites) is fertile ground for derogatory and controversial comments and personal attacks. What many people fail to take heed of is the fact that nothing that you post on a website as public as Facebook can be considered private. That aside, bullying a teacher through any means should be strongly condemned.

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