Time To Sweat Your Tech Assets

Over the next 12 to 18 months, we can expect to see any project that did not have funding in place before the economy took a nose dive shelved.

Certainly, those major projects and big builds (many, of course, were for the banks), are very unlikely to go ahead unless they had already secured funding.

Projects inside businesses that have their own computer rooms are less likely to go ahead, or at the very least will be looked at very closely indeed.

Costs, all costs, are likely to be scrutinised and questioned. But this creates opportunity and should be embraced.

All businesses, or at least the clever ones, are going to start looking at every penny that is spent. This doesn’t just mean capital expenditure, but operational expenditure too.

What this means in practice is that businesses are going to need to ‘sweat the asset’. They will be looking to reduce expenditure in all areas.

This has three potential benefits; reduced capital expenditure, reduced operational expenditure and reduced environmental impact.