22 Million Gaming Consoles In UK Households Says Chart-Track

Gfk Chart Track media sales tracker reports that the total number of current generation gaming consoles in the UK has reached 22 million, which is slightly short of the 25 million or so households in the UK and Northern Ireland.

2008 ended with Nintendo's Wii console dominating the ranking with nearly five million consoles, followed by 3.2 million Xbox 360 and 1.9 million Playstation 3 gaming consoles (that's up from 900,000 the year before).

The handheld segment is another arena where Nintendo dominated the competition (AKA Sony's PSP) with 8.8 million units compared to 3.2 million for Sony's handheld console.

In comparison, Sony has sold 48 million Playstation 2 gaming consoles in Europe over the last decade as well as 12 million PSP handheld consoles.

PC World is also reporting that Games analyst Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan is predicting that the cost of a 80GB PS3 will fall by $100 to only $300 with Microsoft following suit with a $50 drop on the price of an Xbox 360 Pro to $250.

A substantial price drop for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 cannot be ruled as they both enter uncharted "recession" territories and need to make sure customers line up for their 2009 games like Killzone 2 or God of War 3.

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Our Comments

Sony is hemorrhaging money on Playstation 3 sales (up to $50 per console) and unless it has managed to slash the cost of producing the gaming consoles, it could be in for a nasty surprise by the end of the year. Will Nintendo hedge the bet and drop the prices on its Wii gaming console? Highly unlikely.

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