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Harvard Researcher Distances Himself From Google CO2 Claims

More has emerged on the news reported by respected Times newspaper about the environmental impact of each web search performed using Google's website which claimed that 7 tonnes of CO2 are produced per million searches.

In a short statement with Technewsworld, Harvard University physicist Alex Wissner-Gross said that he never mentioned Google in the interview he gave to the Sunday Times of London.

Alex Wissner-Gross went further claiming that "For some reason, in their story on the study, the Times had an ax to grind with Google" adding that "Our work has nothing to do with Google".

Instead, Wissner-Gross went on to say that the focus of his work is exclusively on the overall environmental foot print of web usage (rather than specific sites) and they found out that each web visit generates 72g of CO2 per hour.

Wissner-Gross dismissed reports that he knew anything about the reference to the Kettle data. Google has already responded to the claims saying that on average, one search generated 0.2g of CO2.

Techcrunch also revealed that Alex Wissner-Gross founded a startup company known as CO2Stats which helps websites and companies neutralise the CO2 footprint by buying renewable energy and get "Green Certified" badges for websites.

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Our Comments

Tech Blog Techcrunch points the finger squarely at The Times for some (very) sloppy news reporting and as Jason Kincaid underlines, it is not the first time that this is happening; in November, the Times reported a Yahoo/Microsoft deal that never happened. However, whether this is part of an overarching conspiracy to harm the competitors of Times' owners (News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch) remains to be seen.

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