Palm Ready To Introduce Centro 2 WebOS Smartphone And More

Palm could well be introducing some pretty nifty mobile devices according to multiple sources and rumours that have surfaced on the web during and shortly after the Internation CES at Las Vegas.

Kris Keilhack from Tech Blog Palm Infocenter "heard from a seemingly reliable firsthand source" that the mobile device specialist will be launching a new Centro 2 exclusive to US phone network, Sprint.

The device is said to be of the same size as the current Palm Centro complete with Palm's new WebOS and may dump the nifty QWERTY keyboard to make way for a much bigger touchscreen display.

Such a handset though would almost certainly be a competitor (BGR calls the probable move "ridiculously cannibalistic") to Palm's just-released Pre Touchscreen which has been earning many early rave reviews from geeks worldwide.

Chances are though that the Centro 2 (or whatever it is called) will be priced well below the Pre, certainly not well above the $100 Centro v1 is currently fetching.

Unwiredview also reports that Palm's Pre might be available for as low as $149 when customers take on a two year contract with Sprint; there are also claims that the initial Palm Pre production will hit only 200 000 units although Citi analyst Jim Suva says that the company could end up selling more than 1.5 million units by the end of the year.

More significantly, it would be interesting to find out whether Palm will be able to crack open the European market and the very lucrative £35+ per month contract segment and whether Palm will get more Web-OS based smartphones out of the door.

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Our Comments

Palm means business right now and if it has to catch up with its closest rival, Blackberry, it will need to churn out many more handsets in the forthcoming months. Palm only has FOUR smartphones as it stands. Blackberry lists more than 20 models and has probably the best business support and backend of the industry.

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