Google Earth Teams With Spanish Gallery To Show Prado Masterpieces

In its effort to lure artwork enthusiasts worldwide, Google Earth has teamed up with the legendary Prado Museum of Madrid that will enable web users to view 14 of its popular masterpieces in a more detailed manner.

Fourteen of the museum’s extraordinary artworks, including Goya’s Third of May, Velazquez’s Las Meninas, and Rubens’ the Three Graces, have already been photographed in high resolution that details even the minute aspects of the art pieces.

The service would enable viewers to have three dimensional view of the gallery using their mouse, and allow them to watch the images with the best possible resolution available till date.

Presented in Madrid on Tuesday, the collaboration with an art museum is first of its kind for the search giant, and it enables web users across the globe to view the images with most minute details right on their computer screens.

The images presented by the service are 1,400 times clearer than the images presented by a standard 1-megapixel digital camera, said Google Spain’s director, Javier Rodriguez Zapatero.

In addition, the service also features an application termed as “Prado Layer”, which includes 3D models of the museum’s building in order to offer real-time visiting experience to its viewers.

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Our Comments

Good public relation exercise from Google. We'll let the video below do the talking.