O2 Releases XDA Flint, the neo-iPod Touch Competitor

For some weird reasons, Telefonica-owned O2 has decided that the XDA Flint, a great looking personal digital assistant, should be targeted at the educational market.

The device which was launched at the BETT 2009 event held at London Olympia has some pretty nifty features that sets it apart from smartphones and netbooks.

It has a 5-inch touchscreen display that can display 640 x 480 pixels (twice the number of picture elements of an iPod touch) has a detachable QWERTY keyboard for text input and comes with a massive non-upgradable 16GB internal storage.

On top of that it comes with out of the box quad-band compatibility (inclyding WiFi and HSDPA), built-in GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash as well as Windows Mobile 6.1

Interestingly, the Flint comes with both Internet Explorer and Opera 9.0 browsers. Princing will start at £447 depending on volume and this is likely to be a rebadged HTC Advantage.

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Our Comments

£447 is a lot of money for a device like the XDA Flint even if it is smart and sophisticated. Current economic constraints mean that it would probably be a better idea to invest in a cheaper Netbook. Still with a 5-inch display, it could well be the ideal iPod Touch replacement. Only its price and its relatively limited memory prevent it from being one.

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