Revealed : Are Some Archos 10 Netbook Photos Fakes?

Many websites have already published images of the Archos 10 which seems to be the name of the French hardware company's forthcoming netbook but they could be unwittingly be posting fakes.

Most of the images (as posted by Pocket-lint, Theregister, pc pro and others) bear the stamp of According to one of the site's contributor, someone hacked their website and pulled "concept photos" of what an Archos netbook might look like.

That said, another picture from could actually show the real deal. It is unlikely that Archos actually produces the netbook. It is more probable that some other OEM/ODM like ECS or Asus will produce it with Archos only adding a badge to it.

Based on the ECS J10IL, which looks like the OEM version of the Archos 10, one can deduce that Archos' netbook will have either a 8.9-inch or a 10.2-inch screen (capable of displaying 1024x600 pixels), an Intel CPU, Wireless Lan, a CMOS camera, 1GB ram and up to 160GB HDD.

It would be nice, should Archos launch such a notebook, that it includes a few goodies like more memory, a TV tuner, an integrated 3G modem, a remote control and a 4-cell battery.

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Our Comments

Unless Archos's Netbook comes with a few unique features, it is unlikely to be a best seller simply because its price will be undercut by the likes of MSI, Dell or Asus which actually produce the netbooks rather than just rebadge them.

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