Vodafone Launches Free TV Service Babelgum Mobile

Vodafone’s UK users would now have access to internet television services on their 3G enabled handsets, as the company has penned a deal with internet-based TV service Babelgum for offering a six month free trial of the service to its customers.

The agreement will enable Vodafone UK 3G customers to view video clips from a couple of TV shows on their handsets. In addition to featuring video clips from movies and music, the service also offers BBC TV comedy shows as well as sports content.

It further features a handful of music, movies and animation competitions that enable viewers to submit their own content in it; moreover, the technology from Babelgum enables users to upload their favourite clips on to social networking platform Facebook.

Quoting the significance of the technology, Valerio Zingarelli, Babelgum’s CEO said in a statement, “Our content offering reflects the new communication codes of the web, with fast, fun entertainment that’s enhanced by high-quality, professional production standards”.

Initially, the Babelgum application will be available for Vodafone customers of 3G bundles for Nokia N95, N96, and 6210, and it can be downloaded from Vodafone Live! Portal.

The move is a significant step in bringing enhanced television experience on 3G handsets, and it will surely encourage other operators to try out their hands in the domain

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Our Comments

TV on Mobile is a great idea but then, it is fraught with obstacles. More often than not, there are not enough programmes available, the speed of download is excruciatingly slow, users have to pay for the data transfer (essentially meaning that it is not free) and there are already alternatives like DVB-H that could potentially replace it altogether.

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