£59.98 Sony BDU-X10S 2x Blu-ray Disc ROM Internal

Get this Sony Blu-ray SATA drive for less than £60 from Amazon, which comes with a Blu Ray Software worth £30 on its own. Experience Blu-ray Disc movies on your PC with the Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM drive.

The internal SATA interface drive installs easily in today's desktop PC cases and adds Blu-ray Disc playback in addition to DVD and CD playback—three formats in a single drive. It Includes Cyberlink PowerDVD BD Edition playback software for playing Blu-ray Disc or DVD Video movies. Works with Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Note that your video card should support HDCP to be able to play HD output. Your monitor should also support HDCP, which will be the case of HDMI interfaces. Lastly, make sure that your card and your CPU are up to the scratch to decode the content.

Get it from Amazon for only £59.98 delivered.