Game Steams Ahead With Online Game Rental Service

One of the high street winners of 2008, Game, has unveiled plans to enter the game rental arena in partnership with SwapGame and offer unlimited rental time with no late fees.

In a move that mimics the trend initiated by the likes of Blockbuster and Lovefilm, Game hopes to cushion the blow inflicted to gamers by the current credit crunch.

Up to two games can be rented at any times and as with video rentals, the titles will be sent back through the post.

Speaking to MCV magazine, GAME’s online business MD Alex Croft told MCV that they spent a lot of time talking to customers, to find out what services they want from the company.

Swapgame has its own online game rental service and offers up to 3 games at a time for only £19.99 per month with the 1 game package available for half that price.

Game already allows its customers to download games and offers a range of preowned games as well.

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Our Comments

More competition is healthy and has been welcomed even by competitors like This is a logical step as the economy goes into recession and gamers look for ways to save money while keeping up to date with the latest games available.

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