Google Cancels Peripheral Web Projects

In a series of blog posts on Wednesday, the search engine giant Google has announced that it is slashing six of its products that aren’t apparently adding much to its kitty.

The services which would face the axe are: Google Catalogs, Google Video, Dodgeball, Google Mashup Editor, Google Notebooks, and further development of Jaiku.

Presently being ported to Google App Engine, Jaiku will be launched as an open source project on Google Code, and it will continue to stay online, in spite of the fact that Google is not developing the application any more.

Upholding the closure of its Mashup Editor, which is still in its close beta, the search company asserted that it is closed in the wake of more robust App Engine infrastructure, which would offer better services to the users.

While keeping the already existing videos on Google Video online, the company folding up the capability to add new videos to the service, and turning it into online video search engine, the company notified in its blog.

In addition, Google’s Dodgeball, which enables its users to share their existing locations via SMS messages, will be shutting down entirely; however, the exact time frame for it is yet to be described by the company.

Moreover, Google is dropping its Catalog Search, which was launched to demonstrate the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, in favour of its Book Search service.

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Our Comments

Google has started to fire people and has already signalled that it is becoming a more aggressive (some would say Microsoft like) company as the recession bites in. Many of these projects were pie-in-the-sky ideas and were not necessarily going to be money earners overnight. Several other projects may possibly be frozen or canned altogether.

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