Google Makes Big Apps Push With Resellers

In a bid to take on Microsoft’s Office package, Google Inc. on Wednesday rolled out a new reseller program for its Google Apps, which would enable partner companies to provide customized Google Apps along with their offerings.

The new “authorized reseller program” enables IT consultants and professionals to become certified provider of a variety of Google Apps for business use, which include a number of applications, such as calendaring, cloud-based emailing, and other such services.

After getting registered with the reseller program, professionals will have access to sales and training documentation produced by Google, and can kick start selling customized Google Apps deployment along with their services.

Various rollout steps, such as labelling Google Apps applications, switching DNS records, creating user accounts, migration, etc, required for selling Google Apps can be handled by the resellers themselves.

The program has already been pilot-tested by Google with 50 organizations last summer, and now it is available across the entire globe, with US users could access the program with 20 percent discount on $50 per user, at per year cost.

Google Apps is widely akin to Microsoft’s high-selling Office package, except for the fact that Google Apps is entirely web-based and is seen as Google’s push into software-as-a-service or “cloud computing” domains.

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Our Comments

Interesting move by Google which could potentially cause Microsoft some issues in the short term. It looks like the search giant has finally decided to put in practice a "plan B" i.e. stop fooling around and working to get some revenues in. It has already announced that it is canning some services and has fired 100 recruiters already.

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