Vodafone Tests Superfast 16mbps Mobile Broadband

Spanish customers of Vodafone might soon be able to buy a mobile broadband package that offers download speeds of up to 42mbps using the HSPA evolved standard which uses MIMO and 64 QAM techniques.

The technology currently allows download speeds of up to 16mbps in field trials and Vodafone expects this to be upgraded to 21mbps in the next few months; however as usual, download speeds, especially without wires, depend on a number of external variables.

The UK-based mobile service provider expects its customers to reach speeds around 13mbps in good conditions and on average 4mbps.

Vodafone has enrolled the help of Ericsson and Qualcomm to help it achieve this speed and the company is also working with device vendors and dongle manufacturers to make ensure future compatibility.

Vodafone's Global Networks Director Andy MacLeod said that "Successfully demonstrating a live HSPA+ high speed connection has been a key milestone in continuing to build confidence in this new technology. The results show that HSPA+ technology is well placed to further enhance our customers' mobile broadband experience through the evolution of our existing 3G networks"

Currently, mobile broadband speeds barely reach 7mbps (T-mobile advertises that its Mobile broadband can reach up to 7.2mbps) while upload can go up to 2mbps.

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Our Comments

No news as to about the price of when the items will be available. The Register reports that Australian company Telstra launched its own HSPA+ network back in 2006. The Big Pond (as it is known over there, barely reaches 3mbps) and costs up to AU$130 (£58.50) for a 10GB transfer rate.

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