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Windows 7 Beta Gets First Patch, Fixes MP3 Corruption

An MP3 corruption snag in Microsoft’s Windows 7, which has been downloaded a number of times last week, has now been addressed through an Automatic Update.

Though the patch, tagged as “KB961367”, was released soon after the beta launch of the software, it necessitated a manual Windows Update for it.

The corruption flaw occurs every time when metadata is edited in an MP3 file, triggering to permanent loss of several seconds at the beginning of an MP3 track; however, the deletion is more prominent when the header size exceeds 16KB.

Incidentally, in the newly launched Windows 7 beta, metadata editing of MP3 files are performed by Media Foundation interfaces, and hence the snag can occur when MP3 files with large-sized headers are played in Windows Media Center or Windows media Player applications.

In addition, Microsoft also addresses some of the other issues with this patch, including improper functioning protected tuning sources, inadequate working of MHEG (iTV) in Europe, problems in performing recording operations by Windows Media Center, etc.

Furthermore, the patch also addresses recording issues for the systems that have been upgraded from Windows Vista, and problems in Windows Vista DVR-MS recordings that don’t play back in Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player.

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Our Comments

Fortunately, the first Windows 7 patch was not a security one. Great to see that Microsoft has been fast to solve the MP3 corruption issue even if it is not a critical one. Windows 7 is likely to be a hit and an early favourite for hackers. By the end of this first half, we estimate that more than 5 million people worldwide will have already installed or tested Windows 7.

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