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Philips Introduces Ultrawide 21:9 56-inch LCD TV

Setting new standards in the realm of home-entertainment, Philips has announced its plans of launching the world’s first ever “ultra-wide” screen Cinema 21:9 LCD TV range very soon.

The new range of TVs will be tailored to meet the requirements of those who simply dislike the black bars that appear at the bottom and top of the screen while watching movies in the erstwhile letterbox format.

With the Philips’ signature “Ambilight Spectra” technology, the TVs will be capable of adapting regular 16:9 from various sources, including game consoles and TV broadcasts to load its giant 21:9 screen.

However, optimistically the content shown with this technology shouldn’t be displayed in a stretchy widescreen fat-face manner, which is quite common with a majority conventional TVs when they handle 4:3 content.

In addition, this new TV from the house of Philips boasts of a 56-inch display screen that offers the incredible aspect ratio of 21:9, hence the movies in 2.39:1 entirely fills up the screen, bringing viewing real “cinematic” experience.

Citing the capability of the new TV in providing cinematic experience, Philips said in a statement, “Cinema 21:9 lets you enjoy movies as you would in the cinema and just as the director intended”.

The Cinema 21:9 range is all set to hit the markets in spring 2009, while their comprehensive specifications are expected to be available by the end of February 2009.

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Our Comments

What about the thousands of films that were shot in other formats? Clearly there is no one size fits all solution for LCD television and formats. 4:3 content is still widely available on mainstream televisions and is one of the reasons why this format is still available most recent LCD televisions.

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