AMD Debuts Uber Cheap 760G Motherboard Platform

Underfire Chip manufacturer AMD has launched the 760G chipset which will form the core of an entry level motherboard platform that aims to bring mainstream gaming performance to the budget masses.

The 760G is set to replace the existing 740G and will be gunning for Intel's lower end chipset family (which is made up of the i945GC, G45, G31 and G41) and Nvidia's integrated Geforce series.

The new chipset will incorporate a DirectX10-compatible Radeon HD3000 type video chip which will allow it to run much faster than an Intel GMA4500 model. Clocked at 350MHz, the 760G will offer RAID support and Hybrid CrossFireX.

Compared to the 780G though, 760G motherboards will not offer hardware acceleration for high definition sources which means that it is unlikely that they will be HDMI or Displayport capable (although the 760G supports both).

The introduction of the 760G means that AMD could well introduce a theoretical 800G series to put a much bigger gap between the lower and higher spectrum as the 780G is already 10 months old.

Expect motherboards equipped with 760G chipsets to be available as from the end of January for around £50 a pop.

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Our Comments

We haven't found any 740G motherboards available online at our usual e-tailers which means that stocks are cleared already. The lower end of AMD's motherboard range is dominated by Geforce 6/7xxx series. What is more worrying though is that AMD's motherboards are now generally more expensive than for Intel.

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