Another gross credit scam

This is sick. People in hard times, desperate for credit, will reach out increasinngly for these offers, only to get pummeled with fees.

First, here’s misleading the spam offer:


You got a site which promises a guaranteed credit line of $7,500. Queue music… it’s a wonderful thing, this.


And then the fake chat agent that pops-up if you leave the page:


Take a look at the fine print at the bottom of the page:

Offer Details: By submitting this order you give First Plus Platinum Credit authorization to charge your debit or credit card a processing fee of $2.78 for the 7 day trial membership. The $7,500 credit account is for use towards thousands of our merchandise items only. After the 7 day trial, unless you cancel, we will automatically bill the account you provided us today for $39.95, and each month thereafter. All monthly fees will be applied to any outstanding line of credit balance. This charge will appear as debit by "Credit Line" on your statement. You have the right to cancel any time by calling the toll-free number provided in the Terms and Conditions.

Isn’t it weird that you have to give a credit card number to get approved for a credit card number? That's because they want to charge you. This so-called “negative option”, where you have to opt-out of an offer, is particularly bad for consumers.

Reminds me so much of the Suntasia marketing scam I wrote about a while back.

Anway, there you have it. Another useless, crappy scam promulgated on the public.