Bournemouth Becomes UK's First 100mbps Broadband Territory

H2O Networks has declared that the 30 households in Bournemouth that were selected for testing UK’s first ever 100Mbps fibre optic broadband service will be connected sometime in March this year.

With massive investments of worth £30 million, Bournemouth’s ambitious ‘Fibrecity’ project is poised to become Europe’s largest project, and the service will be offered via H2O’s copyrighted “Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System”.

Ever since the announcement of Bournemouth selection for this ambitious project was made in September last year, as many as 5,600 businesses and residents have registered for this service.

Households that are going to be connected with this service will get free broadband connection along with a limited free service term, and the free services would only be there until the engineers leave the area.

However, it has been believed that the future charges for this service could well go beyond a whopping £400.

In addition to offering great downloading speeds, it has been expected that this next-generation broadband network will promote uptake of various web-based services, such as IPTV, though a lot depends on the price tag it would come with.

The network is said to be done by 2010, with Dundee also been cited as another location for trying out such faster broadband services.

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Our Comments

Better late than never. Bournemouth 100mbps addicts won't be using mainstream providers - like BT or Virgin - but will instead be relying on a startup which is using the sewers and the project aims to provide up to 90,000 homes with ultra high speed connectivity.

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