Carphone Warehouse Gives Free Broadband And Phone For 12 Months

Carphone Warehouse is hoping to dampen the effects of the current credit crunch by giving out free broadband and line calls to all new customers registering before the 2nd of March 2009.

The new service called TalkTalk Essentials will tie all new users to Talktalk for 18 months and they will only need to pay £10.50 per month for the line rental, rising to £16.99 (or £6.49 extra) after the first year, hence resulting in a saving of 77.88.

The broadband company reckons that the average user could save up to £190 compared to BT and is even throwing in a free wireless router.

It will offer unlimited evening and weekend calls plus unlimited calls to 36 international destinations as well as up to 8mbps ADSL broadband with a 40GB broadband download allowance which should be enough for most users.

Note that there's a £29.99 connection charge and as much as a fifth of UK households won't have access to Talktalk broadband because their telephone exchanges are not unbundled already.

Carphone Warehouse has nearly 2.8 million broadband customers following the acquisition of a number of other broadband companies like AOL. It has also recently introduced the myTalktalk tailoring service for its broadband customers which allows them to get addons for £4 a month.

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Our Comments

How does it compare to the rest of the field? Well, Carphone Warehouse's offer is certainly the best right now according to Broadband choices and we could'nt fault it pricewise over the duration of the contract. The only issue arising is whether you will be able to actually subscribe to it, given that it covers only 80 percent of UK households.

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