Sony Ericsson Hopes For A PSP Phone Dashed By Sony

Quashing hopes of those gaming enthusiasts who were eagerly waiting for a Sony Ericsson Play Station Phone, Sony has reportedly refused Sony Ericsson to use the esteemed PlayStation brand for mobile phones.

The handset manufacturer has already enjoyed a great success with its signature Walkman phones, and hence rumours on the blogosphere were swirling that a Play Station gaming phone is all set to cruise into the market soon.

However, recent reports suggested that Sony has denied the use of coveted PlayStation brand in the wake of technical concerns.

In past few years, Sony Ericsson has successfully used some of the prominent brands from Sony, such as Walkman and Cybershot, for creating an exclusive mobile phone range.

However, Sony Ericsson has declined to highlight Sony’s remark over the issue, but a spokeswoman from Sony Ericsson said in a statement, “In the past, we have been keen that our product proposition lives up to brand promise, and we feel at the moment the technical specs are not high enough to put such a prestigious brand on a phone”.

Sony Ericsson had pitched plans for building the PSP branded phone during the end of the last year, and the denial has truly come as a blow for the firm, particularly when the iPhone is gaining huge acceptance as a commendable handheld gaming device.

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Our Comments

Boohoo To Sony for the decision to prevent its own JV, Sony Ericsson, to get the PSP brand. Arguably, this is due solely to the fact that the PSP is already a major income earner for Sony Ericsson and a PSP phone could potentially be a competitor to the PSP. But Sony could have used the PSP phone as a way of increasing brand presence (just like Apple).

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