Children Spend 42 hours A Week In Front of Screens

Raising concerns for parents, a research study has claimed that children in UK spend an average six hours in front of electronic screens.

A recent study by ChildWise, which included 1,800 children aged between five and 16 from 92 schools in UK, revealed that children spend around 2.7 hours in watching television shows, 1.5 hours over the web, and 1.3 hours on gaming consoles.

Around half of the children surveyed had their own notebooks or PCs, with one third of them said that they simply couldn’t live without computers, the survey noted.

Well, this exposure to diverse electronic screens comes at the expense of study hours, as the average time devoted to reading has fallen to 0.6 hours per day.

Reading as a pleasurable spare time activity has also declined notably to 75 percent as against 80 percent last year; in addition 42 percent of the children of the age group 11 to 16-years said that they never prefer reading books for pleasure.

Upholding the consequences of reducing study hours, the report said, “Their conventional reading and writing skills are frequently criticised and their limited experience and expertise in this area makes it harder for them to compete in an adult-dominated world”.

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Our Comments

Many parents are using the television, video games and the computer as virtual nannies for their children as the former toil around the house and work longer hours than anyone else in Europe. This is unfortunately a sad truth. Couch potato favourite, television, still captures most of a child's free time, more than the internet and gaming consoles.

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