Google Search Could Track Your Preferred Sites Soon

Presenting a glimpse of future search techniques to the online community, Google is testing a new search feature that enables users to customize their searches by enlisting the preferred websites they would like to see in majority of their search results.

The new feature, tagged as “Preferred” sites, allows users to set their Google Internet Search preferences that will surely help in aligning the search results with their search requirements in a more comprehensive manner.

In addition, the new feature will also suggest frequently surfed websites on the basis of user’s search history, along with the capability to add and remove websites from the list so formed.

However, the feature is available exclusively to those who have signed in to Google’s account, and it forbids other to eavesdrop into the customized changes and preferred website list of any user.

Touting the utility of this innovative feature, Google’s ‘help page’ for the application says, “The preferred sites feature lets you set your Google Web Search preferences so that your search results match your unique tastes and needs”.

Preferred Sites feature is recognized as an extension of its SearchWiki, which allows users to bring upon certain changes, such as add, remove and annotate results of search queries.

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Our Comments

Google is learning accumulating huge amounts of data on your personal browsing history to improve your browsing experience and at the same time provide its business customers with more fine-tuned and focused data. Altogether, Google wants to get the best out of its search engine service. Whether this means causing some controversy in the process doesn't seem to be an issue for now.

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