IBM Sets Its Sights On Cloud Computing With LotusLive

In a bid to take on the tech giants Microsoft and Google in the SaaS domain, IBM Corp. has announced the release of an online version of its signature Lotus software.

The new web-based service, tagged as “LotusLive”, will enable users to set up networks between business partners, along with other collaboration and social networking services for business modules.

LotusLive will present the whole range of Lotus’ cloud business solutions, including emails, web-based conferencing, and other such collaboration services, and the service is purported to boost business productivity by setting up interactive communication channels.

Quoting the role of this new service in bolstering business productivity, Bob Picciano, general manager for IBM Lotus software, said in a statement, “We believe our open, integrated platform will dramatically simplify and improve the way businesses interact with their partners and customers.”

With its new online iteration the benefits of the Lotus software will now reach to a larger number of people, he added.

LotusLive online suit provides various business modules access to its rich Lotus collaboration tools without necessitating a forthright in IT infrastructure and support services.

The service is developed by using an open business model and open web-based standards thereby enabling it to integrate with the third party applications easily.

Along the same line, LotusLive integrates with the social networking platform LinkedIn, and customer management software from Inc. Skype and a host of other companies have signalled their intention to join IBM's platform.

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Our Comments

IBM's launch of LotusLive makes cloud computing solutions even more compelling for businesses and adds credence to the fact that it is now a mature technology for business-critical applications. IBM was also quite astute by recruiting two high profile social networking services, Linkedin and, for the launch of LotusLive.

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