Intel New CULV Platform To Compete With AMD's Yukon & Atom

Things in the world of laptops are about to get a bit more complicated in the second quarter of the year as Intel introduces a brand new segment under the banner of "Consumer Ultra Low Voltage" or CULV.

CULV laptops will be priced between $699 and $899 according to Taiwanese Channel website Digitimes and will be a direct competitor to AMD's newly introduced Yukon platform but also to its own hugely popular Atom Platform.

Intel however has neither confirmed whether the new strand of product will be introduced soon or whether it will be targeting ultra-mobile PCs but the semiconductor giant is said to be dividing the notebook market into four distinctive segments for marketing purposes.

Digitimes also confirmed that CULV laptops will be instrumental to help the top 3 laptop vendors - HP, Dell and Acer - reach 10 million units in 2009.

An Intel Spokeswoman told Technewsworld that the company has not made an announcement concerning plans for a consumer ULV and it is Intel's Policy not to comment on rumours and speculations.

AMD has already said that it will be releasing a platform called Yukon which is geared towards system with a screen between 11 and 13-inches, a dual core AMD Athlon Neo CPU and a Radeon HD 2300 video module.

It means that it will should in practice be significantly more powerful than Atom-based processors even though it will be sold for around $699.

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Our Comments

In what seems to be a clear example of divide and conquer strategy, Intel will introduce a CULV platform. While AMD only has one platform, Yukon, to target non traditional laptops like low power devices, Intel will have three - Menlow, Atom and now CULV. Whether this will be detrimental to its marketing strategy remains to be seen.

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