Rumour Mill : Vodafone UK To Get Palm Pre Exclusivity?

Echoing the speculations about who’ll offer the iPhone in UK last year, rumours are now swirling on the blogosphere about the prospective network provider of Palm Inc.’s much hyped handset, Palm Pre.

Vodafone has emerged as the most preferred choice for rumour merchants, who claim that some officials from the company have reportedly leaked the information about such deal.

Quoting “various leaks from Vodafone officials” the MobileTopSoft blog put forward that the new Palm Pre “will head to the UK via Vodafone. And that’s possibly going to be an exclusive deal which will consolidate Vodafone’s position in the UK”.

The blog further reported that the two companies have already started negotiating over the contract. However, Vodafone has quashed the rumours of any such deal by saying that the company “has no plans to range the Palm Pre at the moment”.

Well, it seems that when all the three major network operators, including O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile UK, are cradling some of the high-end handsets, namely iPhone, Blackberry Storm, and G1 respectively, there is a possibility that other players, like Orange UK and Three, could try to grab the opportunity in the guise of new Palm Pre.

As nothing is concrete yet, it is not clear if Palm is looking for an exclusive carrier in the UK, or if the handset will be available through multiple networks.

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Our Comments

Vodafone already is the exclusive carrier for Blackberry's Storm. Getting the Palm Pre would be a huge bonus for the company but highly unlikely. Orange is the only major mobile phone provider to be without a leading phone and will be enticing Palm to obtain the UK exclusivity for the acclaimed smartphone. Three could well be preparing an INQ2 phone for March 2009 and relies more on entry level handsets to grab sales.

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