Youtube Set To Introduce "Download Video" Feature?

It seems that users may not need to rely on third party applications for grabbing video content on YouTube, as the Google owned company is experimenting with a video downloading feature.

However, as of now, the popular video sharing site would only be offering pre-presidential video clips of Barack Obama, though it could soon spell out as a big move by the website.

The downloadable Obama video contents, including his latest weekly address of Jan 17, have a “Click to Download” link sported at the end of the video toolbar that enables the viewers to download this high-quality video in MPEG4 format.

The video offered by YouTube for this download is in H.264 format that comes with a bit rate of 460Kb/sec, and it is of much higher quality than the content currently available on the website.

Almost all the videos of the government’s “ChangeDotGov” channel on YouTube are available for download, while these are not available from the channel’s main page or playlist.

Incidentally, the feature was unveiled just a few days after YouTube’s parent company Google announced that its Google Videos would stop taking new content.

However, owing to the complexity and the range of videos it has, there is a great ambiguity about how YouTube will extend the downloading option to its entire website.

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Our Comments

Not all videos are available for download and Google has not announced whether it will roll out this "download video" feature across its site. No timetable as well has been set regarding this. Furthermore, the videos currently available have a resolution of 480x270 pixels - not yet High definition but much higher than the current VHS like videos Youtube currently carries. Google also allows HD streaming but no HD download at this time.

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