Citrix & Intel Announce Collaboration To Advance Desktop Virtualisation

In a bid to broaden the scope of desktop virtualisation, Intel and Citrix are joining forces to ensure enhanced security and management for client systems by connecting them to the Citrix Desktop Delivery Solution, a management infrastructure from Citrix.

The duo on Tuesday notified that they are working together to develop a “bare-metal hypervisor” that will embed in various end user devices and enable clients to have access their virtualised desktop PCs.

The initiative, codenamed as “Project Independence”, would help desktop and laptop PCs to dispose of the host operating system, as the bare-metal hypervisor integrated in the firmware would help virtual machines to run a standard corporate image provided by the datacentre.

The thought behind developing such a technology is to offer the benefits of centralised client virtualisation to both office and mobile users, along with keeping the positives of personalised PC environs.

Lou Shipley, GM Citrix’ Xen Server Product Group, notified that the new Citrix Xen-based bare-metal hypervisor will be optimised for the Intel’s virtualisation technology, along with other capabilities of Intel’s vPro technology.

Citrix is looking forward to launch the new hypervisor embedded desktops and other devices sometime in second half of this year.

Mentioning the utility of this new virtualisation solution, Ian Pratt, Citrix’s VP for virtualised products, said in a statement, “The user gets the full experience of a modern laptop with great graphics and near-native virtualisation performance for different workloads”.

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Our Comments

Intel in bed with Citrix? It will be interesting to find out what Microsoft makes out of all this. The "bare-metal hypervisor" initiative is a very enticing one given that it essentially bypasses the Operating System and returns to "thin client" roots (that will surely make Oracle, Sun and Google happy). Although it will be optimised for Intel's own platform, it will need to be compatible with AMD technology as well.

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