Intel To Launch Atom "Pineview" CPU In H2 2009

Some details have emerged about the next iteration of Intel's popular Atom CPU, codenamed Pineview and which is set to debut sometimes in the second half of 2009.

Two versions of the Atom 2 have emerged, a single core version aimed at netbooks and a more powerful dual core one which will go in Net tops (or shall we say value micro desktops).

Apart from the fact that Pineview based core CPUs will be manufactured using a 45nm process, sources claim that they will also feature built-in Northbridge functions including a memory controller and an IGP (in effect a video card) which is likely to be a GMA950 with an increased core frequency.

The CPU platform will be overhauled with the introduction of a new Southbridge - Tiger Point, the use of a 4-layer PCB design, a much lower silicon area (from 2174mm to 773mm), while at the same time featuring a higher core frequency (probably 1.8GHz or more) and a TDP lowered by 12.5 percent.

Eventually, Intel will migrate Pineview from a 45nm process to a 32nm one, feature HyperTreading and will come at a lower price. Atom Processors start at $20 for a 1.4GHz model, going all the way up to $135 for the 1.86GHz model.

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Our Comments

Intel will soon find itself with a plethora of CPU platforms all vying for the same market; cheap and small laptops. Will pineview eat CULV's lunch? Will AMD's Neo and VIA's Nano manage to outgun them? It would be interesting to see whether Intel will allow manufacturers to use dual core Pineview in laptops rather than desktops. That said, unless Intel prices these CPUs in an attractive fashion, they are unlikely to be very attractive as a $43 2GHz Intel Dual Core Celeron will happily trash them.

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