Wozniak Says Apple Can Survive Without Jobs

In his interview to a TV channel NBC11, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak said that Steve Jobs is undoubtedly very crucial to Apple, but the company can sustain without him, and asserted that Jobs’ sabbatical can prove to be a blessing in disguise for the company.

Wozniak said in his interview, “He wants a rest, but a person like him is going to work out better concepts, products and ways the future could be. It’s probably a great, great thing for Apple”.

Following months-long rumours, Steve Jobs finally ascertained in January that he had been diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, and announced to take six months leave from his job.

When asked about whether the company could turn out new advanced products without Jobs, Wozniak said that Apple has number of products in its production pipeline, with the process could take years, so as to ensure that the projects of which Jobs was an active member should remain undisturbed.

However, Wozniak dismissed concerns over long-term future of Apple without its iconic leader as “way too hypothetical”, and asserted that the company has a huge chunk of other incredible individuals, who follows Apple’s outlook, or even followers of Steve Jobs himself.

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Our Comments

As Apple's Co-founder, Steve Wozniak is in a unique position to comment on the impact the temporary departure of Jobs can have on the company. However, Woz has been a rather distant observer even though he still receives a paycheck and is a shareholder of the company.

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