Pictures Of Google's G2 Android Phone Appear On the Net

More Google Android smartphones could be heading our way soon as photos of a HTC build handset has been leaked "inadvertently" online.

The photos appear to show an HTC Sapphire 2.0 and Gizmodo, to whom the spy photos were sent, says that the phone should be out before the end of May 2009.

Based on the two photos published, it is difficult to say whether the phone carries a keyboard or not as no profile photos were taken.

That said, the phone looks eerily like the one whose picture was leaked last week as part of the "official" HTC 2009 lineup deep-throat operation and carries the exact same features.

There's a 3.2-megapixel camera (without flash), a white shell and what the leak source said would be an interface very similar to the G1. There appears to be five buttons and what looks like a trackball

In related news, Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei is readying a new Android smartphone which will be unveiled at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress 2009 which will take place in Barcelona next month.

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Our Comments

Dan Frommer from Silicon Alley Insider expects that phone to be sold for under $100, that's about £70. In UK terms that would mean that it would be available on contracts under £25 or even less. By contrast, you can get the G1 from £31.50 per month with free internet from T-Mobile. We are convinced that, with a longer and meaner recession, more and more customers will choose to go for cheaper contracts. Without a keyboard and with less features (no bundled memory card and a smaller screen), it is likely that the G2 will be marketed as a more affordable Android phone.

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