UK ISPs Make Child Abuse Unit Pay To Get Crucial Data

The unit established to deal with online child abuse in UK has had to spend thousands of pounds in order to fetch required information from the internet service providers, a recent report revealed.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has notified that it has paid a whopping £170,000 to internet firms since 2006, with the entire sum going to the kitty of ISPs.

Jim Gamble, the chief exec of CEOP, has called the situation “ridiculous”, and said that this information from ISPs is very crucial as it exposes the individuals who have been involved in any sort of criminal activities, which in turn help in exploding out the whole network with which these offenders are associated.

Though Mr. Gamble asserted that he had no issues in paying for data when investigating some ordinary crime, but when it comes to safeguarding children from getting harmed via online activities, such high payments are simply unacceptable.

The BBC has received the essential information under the Freedom of Information Act, and it has found that the CEOP had placed as many as 9,400 request applications to these internet firms for the much needed information, such as online transactions and email addresses.

However, the trade association for internet firms, ‘Internet Service Providers’ Association’, asserted that law enforcement units must expect to pay for information, just as they pay for various crime-checking tools.

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Our Comments

This is proper sick. One has to wonder whether those ISPs will make the government pay to join their plan to build the mother of all databases. Also they could have easily created a standard query tool to allow the CEOP to dig the information themselves from the ISPs databases. After all, they do keep track of email and web logs.

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