Windows Vista SP2 To Be Released Just Before Windows 7?

In what seems to be an extra step for development, Microsoft Vista’s second Service Pack has reportedly been delayed by a couple of months than its rumoured release date.

The news website TechARP, which first claimed April 2009 as the potential date for the release of the finalised software for hardware manufacturers, is now saying that the software giant will be releasing it sometime at the end of the second quarter.

The website is quoting some anonymous but trustworthy sources saying that the release candidate for Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is all set to arrive in March 2009, with the finalized code will eventually be made available to OEMs and hardware manufacturers by the end of June.

While Vista hasn’t apparently lived up to the expectations of users, Microsoft is pouring huge efforts in fixing the reported issues with the operating system.

The first beta iteration of the SP2 has already been released in December last year.

The new Service Pack for Vista is believed to come along with a number of required enhancements, such as its capability to burn Blu-ray discs, enhanced playback of streaming HD video, improved Wi-Fi performance, superior desktop search tool, to name a few.

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Our Comments

Microsoft says Windows Vista is the best Windows ever but its popularity with the general public has proved otherwise. But the outlook seems positively more rosy for Windows 7. We have unofficially tested it on several computers and found it to be significantly better than Windows Vista - both in times of functionality and resource management - even thought it is in Beta.

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