Hackers Put Trojan Horse In Pirated Apple iWork 2009 On Torrents

The internet security company Intego has notified on Thursday that it has found a Trojan horse in pirated copies of Apple Inc.'s iWork '09 application suite that could enable a hacker to seize control over the victim's computer.

The Trojan, codenamed as "OSX.Trojan.iServices.A", was found circulating in pirated copies of the suite available on BitTorrent trackers and other such pirate sites, and it is rated as critical, the internet security firm notified.

While installing the iWork '09 suite, the Trojan gets installed as a component of iWorkServices, and it boasts of read-write-execute capabilities for the root control of the infected computer, Intego added.

The malicious software, installed as a start-up entity, links to a remote server through the internet and notifies the hacker that the Trojan is targeting the user's Mac, which eventually could allow hacker to connect to victim's computer and steal useful information from the computer.

Apple has unleashed the updated iteration of its iWork application at the Macworld Conference of 2009, where it exhibited useful modifications in its spreadsheet and word processor applications.

Citing the potential of this malicious Trojan, Intego said in a statement, "The risk of infection is serious, and users may face extremely serious consequences if their Macs are accessible to malicious users".

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Our Comments

Booby trapped items do not come as a surprise and mark a worrying trend with more malware being squarely targeted at Mac platform. Mac users can no longer believe that they are immune from trojan horses and other malicious pieces of code on the web. They now need to tread carefully, something that Windows users already know all too well.

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