Podcast : Tier-3 Cofounder Talks How Behaviour Analysis Can Predict Threats

In this Podcast, Peter Woollacott, co-founder and CEO of Tier-3 discusses the company's Huntsman product range and explains how it can meet security regulations and ISO 27000 series compliance issues.

Huntsman, a threat management system, leverages a modular and extensible architecture that supports any security, network device, operating system or application. It identifies changes in behaviour in a system before accessing corresponding security risks.

Peter Woollacott is a co-founder of Tier-3 and was appointed foundation CEO and Chairman in mid 1999. Peter has almost 20 years of senior executive experience including almost 15 years with Lend Lease Corporation.

He has extensive strategic advisory and operational expertise having provided specialist consulting services to a number of major companies in Australia and internationally including: AXA, PWC, Bain International and others.

Peter holds an honors Degree in Building (Melbourne), a Master of Applied Finance and Master of Business Administration (Macquarie) and continues to lecture in executive post graduate education at Macquarie and Sydney Universities.

You can find more about Tier-3 here and listen to the podcast here.