7 Ways Nokia Can Improve The 5800 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has already landed in the UK and according to some websites, more than one million have already been sold worldwide in a very limited number of regions.

The XpressMusic itself is a great phone and will certainly be a best seller in 2009. But it is far from being perfect. Here are five ways Nokia can improve on the 5800 XpressMusic and deliver an even better smartphone.

(1) Improve the Screen

The Nokia 5800 has a 3.2-inch display which is smaller than the iPhone and capable of displaying 640x360 pixels. The next iteration should up the game, launch a 4-inch touchscren capable of displaying 800x480 pixels. By adopting a very thing bezel, Nokia can expect to pack the extra 0.8-inch in the same area. The next version should also include Nokia's own Haptikos Tactile touchscreen technology, an improved tactile feedback system. Oh and while you're there, throw Multi touch for good measure.

(2) More memory

The 5800 comes with a 8GB microSD card and costs around a tenner. A 16GB card costs around four times that price. There are no 32GB microSD cards on sale on the market. Meanwhile, it looks almost certain that Apple will launch a 32GB iPhone this year. Nokia can possibly try to add a second independent micro SD card reader to the phone. 5800 users will be able to boost their phone's memory cheaply and easily.

(3) Better camera

The 5800 comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera, while most of its competitors will come up with at least a 5-megapixel camera. The camera doesn't support geo-tagging as well for now.

(4) Better Environment

One area where Apple is still leading the pack is the overall operating environment. Your hardware is only as good as the accompanying software. While the S60 platform is great as a standalone, Nokia still have some major jigsaw pieces missing. It doesn't have an equivalent to App Store. The closes thing it has is OVI which is not as complete as Apple's or Android's Market.

(5) CWM by default

This one is a tight one. Nokia currently sells the phone without the Comes With Music. The Nokia 5310 Comes With Music Edition costs £82.18 (ed: Tesco sells the Black and Red version without CWM but with £20 worth of top up for £88.05!). This means that Nokia can possibly sells the Nokia 5800 plus Comes With Music for well under £300.

(6) A Keyboard?

Dump the Stylus and add a keyboard! Keyboards are making a welcomed comeback. The Palm Pre and the HTC G1 Android Phone are the two most prominent touchscreen phones that come with a keyboard. Adding one to the 5800 will put it on the same footing as the competition and give it an edge compared to the iPhone.

(7) Others

Improve the platform stability of the 5800. Some reviews have reported that the phone is still a tad buggy. Standardise the power connection; allow people to use the USB port for charging like.

All in all, it is hard to fault the phone. It is a great device and it feels as polished as the iPhone 3G. All improvements made will be incremental rather than revolutionary and is available at a price, SIM free, that provides with unrivalled set of features. By comparison, the Samsung Tocco sells for £250.