Podcast : Evaluating The Threats Of Greynets And How Companies Can Mitigate Associated Risks

Nick Sears Speaks with Ben Chai from Incomingthought.com about greynets, a concept that still baffles countless system administrators and companies.

A Greynet is an application, like P2P and IM software, which is realtime in nature and is quite difficult to manage.

Nick will chat about how and why standard techniques are not efficient enough in securing instant messaging systems like Microsoft's MSN or Skype VoIP solution.

He is the Vice President, EMEA for Facetime Communications. As Vice President for FaceTime, Nick Sears is responsible for operations, sales and customer implementation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Nick brings over 15 years of experience in IT security and technology markets and most recently was head of US operations at Web and spyware security firm, Finjan Software.

During his five year tenure, he was responsible for direct and indirect sales operations in Europe and the USA. Prior to Finjan, Nick spent seven years at European networking distributor, Azlan.

During this time, he held several director level positions including UK sales director, responsible for a $200m sales operation and building markets for companies including Checkpoint, Cisco and Netscape.

You can find more about Facetime here and listen to the podcast here.